AVC Transit 148 High Roof Wall Kit

AVC Transit 148 High Roof Wall Kit

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Driver Front/Passenger Slider
Rear Doors

The kit is CNC cut from 1/4” Baltic Birch and includes all walls, ceiling, sliding door, and rear doors. It is patterned for 8 lights in the ceiling and for all of the factory threaded inserts for hanging/attaching your overheads and furniture. The ceiling also gives access to the locations of factory holes where riv nuts can be added for additional fastening points. Kits with front windows include the window trim frames for the driver side and passenger slider.

If ordered with front windows the kit will come with window frames. These frames mount to the back side of your wall kit to fill the gap between the wall kit and the sheet metal of the van. These fit factory and all aftermarket windows that install in the factory location. The driver side frame comes with 3 pieces and the passenger slider door frame comes in 2 pieces. We recommend using 3M Foam Fast 74 to construct and add finishing material to the frame. These frames can be finished to match your wall kit for a seamless look or used to accent with a fun color or pattern.


Lead Times: 4-6 weeks

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